Paint Panels

Single-Source Solution

Our complete line of products can be used to test the suitability and adhesiveness of numerous paints & coatings

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Custom Fabricated Test Panels

All test panels are custom fabricated based on project requirements and customer specifications.

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In-House Manufacturing

Internal manufacturing process ensures quality and allows us to accommodate customer delivery schedules as required.

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Southwestern Paint Panels

Quality Products Test With Quality Panels

Southwestern Paint Panels is a leading manufacturer of test panels used to assess the suitability of coatings for paint and corrosion control processes. Founded in 2006, Southwestern Paint Panels has been providing the automotive, aerospace, industrial, manufacturing, corrosion control, and oil and gas industries with high-quality, consistent test coupons for almost 10 years.

Custom-Fabricated Test Panels

A single-source solutions provider, Southwestern Paint Panels has the capabilities to custom fabricate test and paint panels in a variety of thicknesses, shapes, and sizes based on customer specifications. Our metal test panels are designed to assist in the testing of primers, paints, adhesives, sealants, and corrosive materials for longevity, weathering and salt spray testing, corrosion control, quality and durability testing, and more.

At Southwestern Paint Panels, we understand that the important role paint test panels play in determining the suitability of a certain coating for your processes. Without a consistent test surface, it is not possible to know how coating applications will withstand real-word situations. That’s why we manufacture our test panels with an emphasis on quality, reliability, and consistency. Our unique manufacturing process ensures that the surface of each test panel is thoroughly cleaned, removing the inconsistencies associated with commercial mill steel. Additionally, all of our test panels are fabricated from ASTM A36 steel, ensuring consistent strength.

What Our Clients Say

❝ The panels look great. One of the problems that we were having with the other company is that the blasting job was terrible and we had to return them to be reblasted constantly. We have never had that problem with you guys. ❞
- Polyspec
❝ Southwestern Paint Panels is a first class operation. ❞
- Woodson Engineering
❝ Southwestern Paint Panels has superior quality panels compared to other vendors we have used. ❞
- Steve from an international coatings company
❝ Thanks for the quick turnaround for our panels. I am glad that with your new equipment you will be able to accommodate that kind of an order. ❞
- Shawcor