Paint Panels


Custom Fabricated Test Panels

For Paint and Corrosion Control Processes

Southwestern Paint Panels custom fabricates test panels designed to test the suitability of coatings for paint and corrosion control processes. A single-solution provider, Southwestern Paint Panels’ test panels provide a consistent test surface for a variety of coatings, including paints, primers, adhesives, sealants, rust inhibitors, and corrosive materials.


Consistent Test Surfaces

At Southwestern Paint Panels, we understand the importance of having consistent, unvarying surfaces for your coating tests. Without relative replicability from test to test, coating dependability in real-world applications cannot be measured. Coating tests performed on commercial mill steel are unlikely to be accurate, due to the variability in the cleanliness, texture, and quality of the metal.

The Southwestern Paint Panels manufacturing process eliminates these inconsistencies. Through our unique production process, we thoroughly clean each test panel, removing all traces of oil, dust, and impurities from the panel surface. Our small panels are precisely packaged in heavy duty plastic pails with moisture-absorbing materials and then sealed with a plastic ring, providing an extended shelf life. Larger panels are packaged in bubble wrap with moisture-absorbing materials, minimizing exposure to harmful humidity and outside elements.

Southwestern Paint Panels has the capabilities to manufacture a wide configuration of designs and sizes of paint panels based on customer specifications, including:

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