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About Southwestern Paint Panels

Single-Source Solution for Your Test Panel Needs

Established in 2006, Southwestern Paint Panels is a Houston-based test substrate manufacturer, providing high-quality, custom-fabricated test panels to domestic and international clients. As a company, we have grown to become a leading test panel provider, manufacturing a complete line of products used to test the suitability of coatings for paint and corrosion control processes.

We design and manufactures test coupons for the paint and corrosion control, automotive, aerospace, industrial, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries. A total solutions provider with a superior manufacturing process, Southwestern Paint Panels has the capabilities to serve clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, worldwide. Our custom panels have been used to test corrosiveness and adhesiveness on steel structures as near as the Gulf of Mexico and as far as the North Sea.

Our custom test panels minimize coating inconsistencies and provide a consistent, reliable surface for coating tests. Panels are fabricated in a wide variety of thicknesses and shapes based on customer specifications. We control all manufacturing functions internally and maintain a comprehensive inventory of raw material, enabling us to meet weekly, monthly, or quarterly product delivery schedules on a client-by-client basis.

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